The physical, mental and happy fitness for women

For who?
The #bodymindshape squad is for every woman tired of seeing workout as a struggle or doesn't like working out by herself. It's for all women who wish to be mentally strong, who want to experience their true soul and brighten up their beautiful spark. It's for all women who love music, like to move their bodies, like letting go and become fitter.


Great for the Beginners:

If you're just starting out, great! I'm so honored to be part of one of your first experiences into fitness and personal growth through meditation, and I'm confident you'll get so much from this combination of mental and physical health.


Perfect for the Intermediate:

Perhaps you've done some fitness here and there but you didn't find your perfect workout yet and you have meditated before. This course can help you take your practice to the next level.


Beneficial for the Advanced:

If you are super into working out and constantly working on yourself, congratulations! You already know so much of what a happy mind and happy body can do for you. And the good news is, this course will not only provide some new flow of movement, a meditation program to grow yourself, but it also gives you a total different setting of working out, a great atmosphere and a supportive community.


I offer you an innovative kind of fitness. It is a new concept where you will experience your body, mind and soul in a different perspective. We move to the beat of electronic music in the Club Bellevue, Zurich, Switzerland. It is a breath of fresh air in fitness industry and gives you a completely different atmosphere for training.


The size or shape of your body doesn't determine how you feel about it. Whether you love and appreciate the home of your soul or not is a matter of how you have trained your mind. You have to first feel beautiful within to be able to carry your spark outside into the world. That's why I combine mental and physical health. If both are in balance, you can rule your world and shine bright from the inside out.


Together we build a zone where we support each other, where we grow stronger together and experience our bodies and minds on a new level. The #betteryou journey starts with creating a new picture of the person you want to be, a person who leaves all the clutter behind, a person who says goodbye to all negative thoughts and believes she has in herself, a person as loving, successful and beautiful as you wish to be.

Join us. Leave everything outside and focus only on yourself. 50 minutes of you, the girls, the music, the dark, the candles and all my energy and love.

Personal aspects you can expect to improve from this class:

  • Fitness

  • Shape

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Every Monday and Wednesday at Club Bellevue at 7PM. 

For every fitness level and every body type.


You have to be ready to open up to yourself.

Girls only

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