The new meditation program

for feeling happy and healthy inside out


Each month #bodymindshape will have a focus on a specific topic so you can discover your full potential and happiness while you are working out and becoming fitter in a loving and supportive environment. I will support you to discover your glow, so you can unveil your power, your beauty and your shine anytime and anywhere you like. 

I'm super excited to go that journey with you. On that path you will not only become fitter, loose fat, built muscle, have fun, have a community of girls that all sit in the same boat, and get my energy but more importantly you will be guided to your very inner beautiful core. I will show you a total new perspective to your body and yourself, that will make you see yourself, your shapes, flaws, edges, potential, and beauty in a total new and loving light. 

How it works?

Within four weeks we will step into your glow body, you will shape your very own loving bikini version, we will learn to give yourself the credits you deserve and appreciate what is really relevant in your life so you can live the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. 

Ideally you join twice a week to benefit from every meditation to step into your happy body. If you are a busy bee and you can only make it once a week, which is totally fine,  you will still feel the #ownyourbody concept.


Why it works? 

Because we workout and sweat without you even noticing it to the beat of the music that just carries you through the sweat session and because the meditation after opens a door straight to your unconsciousness, where we will plant those little seeds of peace towards yourself and deep happiness. 

If your mind is happy, your body will be too. 


What you get?

  • 35 minutes sweat sessionto the beat

  • 15 min targeted meditation

  • Stretching

  • Supportive girls community

  • Candle light atmosphere in Club Bellevue

  • Ritual Cosmetics scents

  • My loving energy :) 

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