#bodymindshape testimonials

The sweat, the motivating beat, dim lights and connecting to yourself in the end - this is what brings me back to Solveig’s class every week. Nowadays people (myself included) are switching to a better lifestyle, paying more attention to fitness and nutrition, but often we are too busy and neglect self awareness and mindfulness, finding peace within ourselves and just stopping for a moment to look inside. This is what I learnt in these classes - workout, look great, but also feel great from within! An all-girls group also gives a sense of community and safety, let me meet amazing women from all over the world with different stories. Very inspiring 🤩

I love the combination of the music, the effective training, and the meditation. One precious hour just for myself where I can burn off all the energy to my favourite kind of music and then connect my body, mind, and heart by meditating🧘‍♀️💛

In Solveig’s training, it was the first time that I focused on my body mentally. Before her, no trainer ever told me how important that is.
In the #bodymindshape class Solveig brings amazing girls together, that sweat together, empower each other and most importantly, that have fun together and feel results.
I love and appreciate Solveig, her endurance, her strength and her positive way of living.
She cares about each of her girls and about their wellbeing in general.
#bodymindshape is not just a workout you do weekly. It’s something you feel in your heart, just like you feel Solveig❤️

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